Our South Africa Energy Coal (SAEC) operation recently hosted students from nearby schools, who visited to learn about the importance of wetland conservation and the surrounding ecosystem.

Students explored a wetland located at our Khutala colliery and learnt about the different varieties of plants and animals that call it home. 

Wetlands are the link between land and water and are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world. They are important because they protect and improve water quality, provide wildlife habitats, store floodwaters and maintain surface water flow during dry periods

SAEC President, Kgabi Masia said: “The initiative provides hand-on learning to stimulate their interest in environmental care and biodiversity, and to help protect the wetlands for generations to come.” 

Life Sciences Teacher at Mabande Comprehensive High school in Phola, Aubrey John Mngomezulu, said the students had a great day.

“A highlight for the students was catching worms and identifying the different types,” he said.