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Water stewardship

Water is a valuable resource that we share and is critical to the sustainability of communities, the environment and our business.


In many of the areas where we operate, water is scarce, and we manage risks associated with water security and access for our operations and communities. We are taking near and long-term action to minimise and, where possible, avoid any negative impacts on water availability and quality for the future of our business, local communities, and the environment. 

Our approach

We recognise that water is a vital shared resource with high social, cultural, spiritual, environmental, and economic value. Access to safe drinking water is an internationally recognised human right, essential to the wellbeing and livelihoods of communities. Access to water is integral to the healthy functioning of natural ecosystems and the cultural and spiritual practices of many communities.

Our Approach to Water Stewardship aims to work towards sustainably managing water resources within our operations and contributing to addressing the shared water challenges in the catchments where we operate.

Learn more about Our Approach to Water Stewardship at the link below.

Read more about our progress and performance in our 2023 Sustainable Development Report and 2023 Sustainability Databook.

Unearthing beneficial uses of excess groundwater at the Hermosa project

Unearthing beneficial uses of excess groundwater at the Hermosa project

We recognise the value of working with experts to help achieve our sustainability commitment across our operations and projects.

At the Hermosa project, safe and sustainable underground exploration will require moving groundwater away from the orebodies.

This will be accomplished by pumping groundwater away from the orebodies and returning it to the neighboring environment after treating it to the highest applicable water quality standards.