Our Approach

We have a comprehensive environmental management system, which includes our internal standards and reporting framework, and which is assured through governance processes. We take our commitment to reduce our emissions seriously and are actively planning and implementing energy efficiency and emission reduction projects. Further information on our Climate Change Strategy can be found in our report, Our Approach to Climate Change.

Our environment-related data and management systems are subject to both internal and external assurance processes. These processes assist us to evaluate the efficacy of our management approach and we use findings to continuously improve. Within South32, responsibility for the environment sits in both functional and operational roles.


Water is a valuable resource which requires increasingly careful management to ensure its availability and suitability for use by the whole of society. We all share our water resources and we are all responsible for them.

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Biodiversity and land management

We have a fully integrated business planning process designed to protect ecosystems and minimise biodiversity impacts. This includes land management activities such as conservation of high biodiversity value areas, pre-clearance surveys and progressive rehabilitation.

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Energy, emissions and air quality

As a company, we have a critical role in supplying the resources needed to create a lower carbon economy, in a way that creates and protects value for our stakeholders. This is a significant responsibility and presents opportunities as well as challenges.

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Waste and tailings

We manage various waste streams from our operations including waste rock, waste water and tailings. We recognise the potential risks posed to communities, our workforce, the environment and shareholders from tailings and water retaining dams and remain committed to safe and responsible dam management.

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Product stewardship

We are committed to implementing the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework, which encourages responsible design, use, reuse, recycling and disposal of our products along the supply chain.

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Protecting wetlands

We're playing our part to protect the Klipspruit wetlands in South Africa.