Our Approach

Our goal and responsibility is to take care of the environment and treat natural resources with care so they are available for future generations. So we put a lot of effort into developing policies and practices that protect our shared water resources, and maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the areas we work in.

We measure and continually improve the way we use energy and minimise the emissions we create. We seek new ways to recycle and re-use our waste. We work with our customers to make sure the commodities we sell are handled safely and responsibly.

Our activities play a part in shaping the communities we work in and the societies we supply, so we need to keep finding ways of working smarter, cleaner and leaner, for the benefit of our environment, the communities, plants and animals we share it with.



Water is a unique element, and the reason there is life on planet earth. It is important to almost every thing we do, and yet there is only a certain amount of it. It’s crucial that we manage our water use carefully, and ensure that we don’t waste or misuse any of it. 

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Biodiversity & land management

Our environment is continually changing, and human activities can change natural settings quickly and permanently. Our commitment is to do everything we can to leave the land and its inhabitants as we found them, and we work hard to make that happen.

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Emissions & energy

We work hard to produce the valuable commodities people need to support our modern lifestyle, and that means we use energy and produce emissions. We take our responsibility to minimise both our energy usage and our emissions very seriously.

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Waste management

Waste is a fact of life for everyone and every industry. The difference we can make is in how we can reduce how much waste we produce, how well we can manage it and how we can find ways to reuse or recycle it. We invest in finding ways to reduce our waste, and we’re playing our part to make a difference in some important ways.

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Product stewardship

Product stewardship is about doing everything we can to ensure that every step of the life cycle of the materials we produce is safe and responsible, and poses minimal risk to the environment. We work with our clients and industry bodies to enhance our product stewardship activities and influence.

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Protecting wetlands

We're playing our part to protect the Klipspruit wetlands in South Africa.