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Cerro Matoso Creating Habitat

20 MARCH 2024

Colombia has the greatest diversity of bird species in the world and is a habitat for 20 per cent of all birds globally. The forests surrounding Cerro Matoso are home to at least 280 different bird species, with some classified as threatened.

To help protect and maintain these populations, our team at Cerro Matoso plants thousands of native trees every year which has contributed to the establishment and maintenance of over 2,000 hectares of conserved and rehabilitated land around the operation.

This work brings together more than 200 people from ethnic and non-ethnic communities neighbouring the operation, who participate in various ways from creating native species nurseries to planting trees and maintaining planted areas. In 40 years of operation, Cerro Matoso has planted more than 486,500 trees. This area is a home not only for birds, but also for 528 flora species and 677 animal species.

To contribute to efforts around the protection of biodiversity, Cerro Matoso has partnered with recognised organisations such as The Nature Conservancy and has been participating in national alliances focused on natural corridors. These alliances include initiatives around environmental education to empower local communities to care for the environment, helping to build knowledge and capabilities to contribute to the sustainability of the programs.