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South32 Limited is the parent company of the South32 group of companies. On this website, unless otherwise stated, references to South32, the South32 Group, the Group, we, us, our and similar expressions refer to South32 Limited and its controlled entities and South32-operated joint arrangements. In addition to South32’s wholly owned entities and South32-operated joint arrangements, this website refers to operations that are not wholly owned or operated by South32. This website also refers to commodities ‘we produce’ and commodities in ‘our portfolio’, which include commodities such as bauxite, alumina, aluminum and copper that may form part of, or be produced by, entities not operated by South32. References on this website to ‘our operations’, or commodities ‘we produce’ or in ‘our portfolio’, should be read in this context. 

Unless otherwise stated, metrics describing sustainability and HSEC performance on this website apply to ‘operated operations’ that have been wholly owned and operated by South32, or that have been operated by South32 in a joint arrangement.