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From exploration through to closure and beyond, we seek to minimise our impacts and maximise opportunities for the surrounding environments.

We undertake progressive rehabilitation where possible and aim to leave a positive legacy in our host communities.

Our approach

our people at Worsley Alumina

Our approach

Closure is a crucial aspect of our operational lifecycle, and we prioritise effective planning for closure from the early stages of development and throughout the life cycle of our operations.

To ensure proper guidance and adherence to best practices, we partner with industry leaders and forums such as the ICMM Closure Working Group and the Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies (CRC TiME).

Our approach aligns with the ICMM Mining Principles: 2 – Decision Making, 3 – Human Rights, 4 – Risk Management, 6 – Environmental Performance, 8 – Responsible Production and 9 – Social Performance, and is supported by our Sustainability Policy.

We also follow the ICMM Integrated Mine Closure Good Practice Guide and adhere to our internal closure standard, which encompasses closure commitments, planning, cost estimation, progressive rehabilitation of ecosystems, and closure execution.

Risk management 

Each of our operations have a closure plan that outlines criteria, land use options, and cost estimates for closure and progressive rehabilitation. These closure plans are regularly assessed against our internal standards and procedures by independent auditors, and we benchmark our planning approach against that of industry leaders.

We review our closure plans annually and conduct comprehensive updates every three years to factor in climate change impacts, evolving operating contexts, legislative requirements and stakeholder expectations.

Through these processes, we ensure compliance with regulatory obligations and enhance the governance controls within our business, especially considering significant reforms and shifting social expectations in some jurisdictions where we operate.

Detailed closure engineering studies have begun for operations with less than 10 years before their expected closure date. The studies examine post-mining land uses, current infrastructure and land use, remediation and rehabilitation, and an assessment of the socio-economic impact on communities.