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Industry associations

We belong to industry associations around the world that represent specific sectors, commodities or issues.

Industry associations provide opportunities to understand, learn and contribute to industry best practice. Our participation provides an avenue to engage in and influence matters affecting our industry.

The size and scope of industry associations varies considerably, representing interests at international, national, provincial and local levels.

For us, this includes traditional mining industry associations, commodity associations, business groups, think tanks, bilateral councils, networking and research groups. It does not include professional organisations that individuals belong to.

We acknowledge the significant interest from investors and other stakeholders in these memberships. Our Approach to Industry Associations guides our decision to participate in industry associations and how we manage these memberships.

Industry association memberships provide benefits to South32, including:

  • Collaboration, within regulatory requirements, on issues impacting the sectors we operate in;
  • Engagement with government, regulators and other stakeholder groups;
  • Involvement in development and implementation of industry policy and standards such as safety, health, environment, tailings management and tax;
  • Access to appropriate information, knowledge and support on policy, strategic and tactical issues that supports decision-making;
  • Opportunities, within regulatory requirements, to network, exchange international best practice and discuss issues; and
  • Contribution to industry leadership and development.

Our participation in industry associations is based on the following principles:

  • Individual and company participation adheres to South32’s  Code of Conduct, with particular reference to adherence to competition regulations;
  • An industry association’s purpose and policy positions are aligned with our own;
  • Participation reflects our responsibility and interest in contributing to industry development at local, provincial, national and international levels;
  • Benefits received from participation are commensurate with resource commitment requirements e.g. fees, employee time commitment;
  • Industry associations do not specifically represent South32. South32 can express its own views and advocate on issues separately as required;
  • Industry associations have clear and transparent governance arrangements, including adherence to competition regulations; and
  • Unless bound by regulatory requirements, membership is at our discretion.

We have procedures in place to guide membership of industry associations. This includes:

  • A valid business case is required that demonstrates consistency with our principles for participation;
  • External Affairs and accountable leaders approve memberships based on information presented in the business case. Approval levels vary based on the size, location and scope of membership, and are outlined in our internal procedure;
  • The business case must demonstrate that the industry association’s purpose and policy positions are materially aligned with our  strategy and values;
  • An internal current register of memberships is maintained with associated fees paid;
  • Our membership register and any public issues associated with those memberships are reported regularly to our senior leaders; and
  • When membership renewals are due, the original business case for joining is validated before renewal is undertaken.

Industry associations are by nature representative of similar member interests, but often from varied backgrounds and perspectives, so consensus on all issues is not possible. We support, and believe in, healthy debate and consideration of other viewpoints. We believe this leads to better understanding, cohesion and beneficial outcomes for members and industry.

As a member of an industry association, we retain the right to represent and advocate our own views. If a material policy difference or other misalignment exists within an industry association, we will take the following actions we consider appropriate:

  • Inform the association’s leadership, explain our position and seek clarity on their position;
  • Explore opportunities for alignment;
  • If alignment is not possible, inform the industry association that we will advocate an alternative view; and
  • Where the misalignment is material and outweighs the benefits of belonging, South32 will terminate its membership.

We consider the merits of seeking individual appointment or election to industry association boards or executive committees. These positions provide an additional avenue to derive membership benefits as highlighted.

Outside of director responsibilities applying to individual appointments, holding a board or executive committee position in an industry association does not imply a different South32 approach to that of being an ordinary member.

We maintain a register of industry association memberships and associated fees paid. Our material industry association memberships and associated fees are listed at the end of this page.

We undertake a comparison of material policy positions of industry associations of which we are a member to our own position on specific topics (e.g. climate change), which can be found in our Sustainable Development Report.

We regularly review and update our Approach to Industry Associations to reflect stakeholder feedback and industry developments.

Our material industry association memberships

Arizona Mining Association

A mining association advocating for the Arizona mining industry through promoting sound public policy at all levels of government, educating the public about the benefits of mining and supporting the sustainability of a safe and responsible mining industry.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Arizona, United StatesUnder $100,

Australia Coal Industry Research Program (ACARP)

A mining research program supporting annual research projects on all aspects of the production and utilisation of black coal including health, safety and the environment.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
AustraliaLevy on coal

Australian Aluminium Council

An association representing the Australian Aluminium industry, develops and maintains material specifications, standards and other technical data for users within and outside the industry.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
AustraliaUnder $100,

Brazilian Aluminium Association (ABAL)

An association addressing aluminium industry related issues, combining interests of both producers and processors in liaising with government and community on industry matters.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
BrazilUnder $100,

Business Council of Australia (BCA)

An association representing Australia's largest employers, advocating on behalf of the business community and their employees.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
AustraliaUnder $100,

Business Leadership South Africa

An independent association representing major corporations in South Africa on business related issues.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
South AfricaUnder $100,

Carbon Market Institute

An independent peak industry body at the centre of business and climate action.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
AustraliaUnder $100,

Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) - WA

A peak resources sector representative body in Western Australia.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Western Australia, Australia$100,000-$500,

Colombian Mining Association (Asociación Colombiana de Minería)

An association representing explorers, producers and providers of goods and services related to the mining sector in Colombia, dedicated to generating responsible and sustainable mining.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Colombia$100,000 - $500,


An international organisation of mining and metals companies and regional and commodity associations dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining and metals industry and strengthening environmental and social performance.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Global$100,000 - $500,

Industrial Gas Users Association - South Africa

An association of industrial gas users in South Africa dedicated to a sustainable gas energy industry.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
South AfricaUnder $100,

International Aluminium Institute

An organisation promoting a wider understanding of the aluminium industry, demonstrating both its responsibility in producing the metal and potential benefits in sustainable applications.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Global$100,000 - $500,

Low Emissions Technology Australia

A group of Australian black coal industry representatives investing in the demonstration of low-emissions coal technologies.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
AustraliaLevy on coal

Minerals Council of Australia

Representative body and leading advocate for the minerals sector in Australia, promoting and enhancing sustainability, profitability and competitiveness.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Australia$1m - $

Minerals Council of South Africa

A mining industry employers’ organisation supporting and promoting the South African mining industry.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
South Africa$100,000 - $500,

Minerals Exploration CRC

An Australian mineral exploration collaboration bringing together industry, government and research organisations.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Australia$100,000 - $500,

National Business Institute

A coalition of South African companies working towards sustainable growth and development.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
South AfricaUnder $100,

New South Wales Minerals Council

A peak industry body representing the New South Wales minerals industry.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
New South Wales, Australia$100,000 - $500,

Queensland Resources Council

A peak industry association representing the commercial developers of Queensland’s minerals and energy resources.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
Queensland, Australia$100,000 - $500,

South African National Energy Association

A network of business, academia and government representatives interested in sharing information, providing leadership and promoting better understanding of energy issues.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
South AfricaUnder $100,

UN Global Compact Network

A global group of companies committed to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals.

JurisdictionAnnual fee ($USD)Website
GlobalUnder $100,