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Speak Up

Speak Up – Report a Business Conduct Concern

We encourage you to Speak Up when our values and standards are not being followed (a “Business Conduct Concern”).

Our Speak Up Policy is our global ‘whistleblower policy', and is available to everyone at Section 18 of our Code.

It outlines how you can report a Business Conduct Concern, what happens when you do, and how we will protect you for doing so.

Read our Speak Up Policy in our Code in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese

Access the Addendum to our Speak Up Policy (Australia) here.

The Addendum to our Speak Up Policy (Australia) forms part of our global Speak Up Policy. We are required to publish the additional information contained in the Addendum by Australian whistleblower protection laws (Australian WB Laws).

If you are an eligible reporter under the Australian WB Laws, this Addendum tells you the types of concerns and who you need to report them to, in order to qualify for additional legal protections. You should read it, in particular, if you are located in Australia or considering reporting a concern relating to our Australian operations.

Read both our Speak Up Policy and the Addendum (if it applies to you) at the links above, so you are fully informed.

EthicsPoint is one of our options for confidentially reporting a business conduct concern or asking a business conduct related question. You can submit a report online or by telephone, including anonymously if you prefer.

Find out more about EthicsPoint at page 20 (Section 18 (Speak Up)) of our Code.

You can also find answers to some common Speak Up questions in our Code guiding examples document, available here in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese

Read more about our Code of Business Conduct here.

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