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Manganese is a metal with important industrial uses, particularly in steel.

South32 is the world’s largest producer of Manganese, which is produced at our Groote Eylandt Mining Company (GEMCO) and South Africa Manganese operations.

Key stats

5,653 kwmt

FY22 Manganese production across our operations

Key uses of manganese

Manganese is an important alloy that is used to improve the quality and strength of steel or aluminium. For example, major infrastructure such as hospitals, office towers and bridges use steel that contains manganese to improve strength and resistance to corrosion.

As the world increases scrap steel recycling, this has a limited impact on manganese as it is largely lost in the recycling process.

Powering the future

Manganese also has the potential to displace cobalt in lithium-ion batteries with significantly higher intensity in manganese-rich cathode chemistries. While South32 currently does not produce battery-grade manganese, we have completed work at Hermosa on a selection phase pre-feasibility study for the Clark deposit which confirmed the opportunity to produce battery-grade manganese for the growing North American electric vehicle supply chain.

Producing Manganese

South32 produces Manganese at two of our operations - Groote Eylandt Mining Company (GEMCO) in the Northern Territory, Australia, and South Africa Manganese in the Kalahari Basin.