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A ship loading materials at our GEMCO operation


Our marketing team is an important part of our company, serving as the critical link between our operations and the markets.

The team works with all our operations, across each country we operate in, and are responsible for:

  • Sales and pricing
  • Purchasing strategic raw materials, taking advantage of market intelligence and our economies-of-scale, to get the best price for our operations
  • Defining the company’s view of the commodity markets
  • Working closely with the regions to make the best ‘resource-to-market’ decisions
  • Managing logistics across the supply chain to efficiently get our product to our customers.
  • Trade third party material, where we have a market or logistics advantage to gain value

Our marketing team is based out of Singapore, with offices in London to support customers in Europe, the Middle East and the Atlantic regions, and in South Africa and Australia to service our domestic customers. 


16 Collyer Quay
Unit #18-00
Income at Raffles
Singapore 049318
Phone: +65 6679 2600
Fax: +65 6679 2500


Nova North
11 Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5BY
Phone: +44 20 7798 1700
Fax: +44 20 7798 1701


39 Melrose Boulevard
Melrose Arch
Melrose, Johannesburg, 2076
Mail: PO Box 61820
Marshalltown 2107
Phone: +27 11 376 2000