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Developing our people

Our approach to performance and development is designed to make sure we can all learn, grow and strive to be better each day, and contribute to our success. We promote learning and support professional development for employees. Our learning and development channels include internal training and learning programs for specific role profiles, self-service learning through platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, and external capability programs with specialist vendors.

Performance and development

At South32, everyone is encouraged to develop their careers and seek out professional and personal opportunities to grow. We promote a lifelong approach to learning and support membership of professional associations and further education.

Our Performance and Goals process is used to support the development of our people. This is achieved through meaningful feedback, coaching and mentorship.

We are committed to developing future leaders through our career entry pathways. These include:

  • Graduate and Vacation Student programs; and
  • Traineeships through an accredited training program within our operations.

To learn more about our career entry pathways please visit our graduates and students page.

We have an established mentoring program leveraging the knowledge, skills and experience of our leaders at all levels, building capability and functional expertise across the business.

Leadership development

Leadership is about how we work together to fulfill our purpose, successfully deliver our strategy and breakthroughs, and live our values.  At South32 we believe that:

  • Leadership is not a title, nor a level; it is a choice and a privilege;
  • No role is any more or less important than another – our Purpose and Breakthroughs can only be achieved when all levels consistently demonstrate their accountabilities, competencies and behaviours;
  • Leadership development is a shared responsibility between the employee, their leader and South32; and
  • Building leadership capability is an ongoing process without beginning or end.

Our leaders participate in formal learning, development, and cultural programs, and receive ‘on the job’ coaching support from their leaders and area experts.