Our Approach

Together we will create an inclusive workplace where we hold ourselves and each other to account to demonstrate our values. We ensure all work is well designed and reliably delivers safe outcomes, with a focus on continuously improving and learning.

By making sure we have the right people in the right roles, and ensuring people are engaged, empowered and rewarded for behaviour that reflects our values and contributes to our success, we will create a workplace where all our people can perform to their full potential every day, to deliver exceptional business performance and sustainable outcomes.



Creating Inclusive Workplaces

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace will deliver benefits for our people and for our business.

An inclusive workplace is where everyone feels comfortable to bring their whole self to work and where each person’s unique differences are recognised, valued and celebrated. This approach helps us attract, develop and retain talent and ensure our people are engaged and empowered at work.

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Developing our people and leaders

The growth and development of our people is key to our future success. With the increasing pace of change in the workplace, we need to be agile and ensure our people are appropriately skilled to contribute to our future.

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Investing in our people

We want working with us something our people are proud of, and to inspire others to join our team. That’s why we work to create flexible, inclusive, welcoming workplaces, to provide opportunities for advancement and genuine rewards.

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Employee Relations

Treating our people with respect and recognising their rights is the key to maintaining harmonious and productive relationships. We have a range of policies and approaches that are designed to give our people the voice they deserve, and ensure they know that they are heard.

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Women workers are a valuable resource

We've seen a big increase in the number of women working in our operations.