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Inclusion and diversity

As a global organisation, we're working hard to build a diverse workforce that is representative of the countries and communities we operate in.

We reinforce this through our Inclusion and Diversity Policy, which outlines our vision and our commitment to equal opportunity for growth, development and fulfilment. It supports an environment where everyone feels respected, safe and empowered to speak up, explore new ideas and make decisions.

For us, inclusion and diversity mean that everyone's unique differences are valued and celebrated. This helps us attract, develop and retain talented people, who feel engaged and empowered at work. This approach is guided by three pillars:

  1. Build inclusive workplaces
  2. Build the future pool of diverse employees
  3. Build and hire talented diverse people

We have diversity targets that focus on gender and ethnicity, taking into account our starting point and the emerging trends in the places where we work. These include:

  • Achieving year on year growth in the representation of women in the total workforce
  • Increasing the representation of women in leadership
  • Increasing the representation of Black People (a commonly used term meaning Africans, Coloureds and Indians who are citizens of the Republic of South Africa by birth or descent) in South Africa
  • Achieving gender and ethnicity pay equity.

Our Board and leaders take pay equity seriously. In 2017, we became a Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Pay Equity Ambassador, in recognition of our commitment to gender pay equity. We conduct annual reviews of pay equity, and we have pay policies that ensure no new cases of bias are introduced.

Champions for diversity

Workers at our Cerro Matoso operation posing for the camera in front of some trucks

Champions for diversity

We're proud that our people across a number of our operations have been recognised as champions of inclusion and diversity.