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Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity is a core element of our culture. We know an inclusive and diverse workforce is safer and allows for greater collaboration, innovation and performance. We are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive and diverse workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate.

Our Inclusion and Diversity Policy defines our approach to inclusion and diversity. Our internal inclusion and diversity standard applies to all employees and outlines the minimum requirements and expected practices across our people management systems, including recruitment, talent management and training, to create an inclusive culture and improve performance. This standard has a standalone set of performance requirements applicable to contractors, including sustainability and business conduct requirements, aligned to our contractor management processes. 

We developed four priority areas as part of our annual inclusion and diversity action plan:

  1. Managing sexual harassment as a material health and safety risk;
  2. Providing a safe and respectful workplace for our people;
  3. Establishing inclusion and diversity networks at all of our locations; and 
  4. Delivering the Living our Code discussion series. 

Our inclusion and diversity measurable objectives provide a series of targets and actions aimed at improving inclusion and diversity in our workplace. 

Champions for diversity

Workers at our Cerro Matoso operation posing for the camera in front of some trucks

Champions for diversity

We are a signatory to the 40:40 Vision, an initiative led by HESTA and supported by industry partners to pursue diversity in executive leadership in ASX300 companies. Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a founding member of the Champions of Change National 2021 Group, which is a shared commitment to achieving gender balance across workforces and creating a workplace culture that is diverse and inclusive, at all levels and in all locations. Our CEO is also a member of CEOs for Gender Equity, a CEO-led membership organisation committed to achieving gender equality in Western Australia.