Aluminium is a metal made from a two-step process.

  1. Mining bauxite - an aluminium ore - and crushing and refining the ore into a white alumina powder
  2. Smelting the white alumina powder into aluminium metal

Aluminium is often referred to as the metal of the future. It is lightweight, durable, strong, resistant to corrosion, recyclable and it can conduct electricity, meaning it has a wide range of applications including construction, electrical wiring, transportation, packaging and consumer goods such as electronics and household items. It is a great alternative to steel and is used in cars to make the vehicle lighter and more fuel-efficient.

We operate in all stages of aluminium production and are a significant producer of this widely used metal, with operations in South America, Australia and South Africa.

We mine and refine bauxite into alumina at our Worsley Alumina and Brazil Alumina operations. Worsley Alumina is one of the world’s largest alumina refineries.

We smelt alumina into aluminium at our Mozal Aluminium, Hillside Aluminium and Brazil Aluminium operations. Hillside, in South Africa, is the largest aluminium smelter in the southern hemisphere.