There are a lot of ways we can make our people feel valued, reward them for their effort and loyalty, and make their working day as stress free and productive as possible. Some of the measures we’ve introduced include:

Employee Wellbeing

Making a positive impact on our people’s wellbeing increases workplace morale, productivity and innovation. And because they spend a significant part of their lives working, we try to give our people choices around their work, and support for other aspects of their lives. These include allowing flexible work arrangements, and creating supportive work environments where people are encouraged to speak up.

Beyond their job description, we offer our people the chance to participate in events that promote healthy lifestyle choices, and access to an Employee Assistance Programme available for all them and their families, providing confidential counselling and support.

And because we know that ‘giving back’ can have a positive effect on the giver as well as the receiver, we encourage our people to get involved with or Employee Volunteer programme, which gives them an opportunity to engage with their local community and provide valuable assistance. 

Employee Engagement Surveys

To measure employee engagement, we conduct regular surveys that provide feedback from our people on a range of topics deemed to be important to our performance and culture. Our topics in financial year 2018 focused on safety and risk management, change management and diversity and inclusion.

The survey feedback shows that our people agree that safety and security are considered a high priority at South32. We also saw significant improvement in the engagement results for our people in Southern Africa. Our people told us that our leaders are doing well to
address inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Employee Ownership

One of the ways we show people our appreciation for their efforts and their loyalty, and which helps to inspire them, is our programme to invite eligible permanent employees to participate in our employee share ownership plan. The shares are given to our invitees at no charge, so they literally take ownership of their – and our – future success.  We find that it gives them a new perspective on their own value and contribution, and inspires them to do even better.

Performance and Reward

Investing in our people is important to us, as we recognise that work is a significant part of their lives. Our permanent employees receive benefits designed to encourage productivity, high performance and teamwork. These include:

  • Salaries that are commensurate with the skills and experience required for each role
  • Short-term incentive or bonus payments, paid in addition to base salary, in recognition of both company performance and individual contribution
  • Employee share plans which provide the opportunity for all our people to benefit from South32’s success
  • Flexible work arrangements

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