Every country we operate in is a member of the International Labour Organisation, and agrees to and promotes the ‘Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work’. That means that wherever we are, we have a unified and mutually agreed approach to employee relations.

On a local level, we also comply with all national labour-related legislation, including local regulations relating to notification of significant operational change that may affect our employees. Where the collective agreements we are party to specify further consultation, we meet our commitments in this regard.

At the heart of our employee relations is our solid commitment to respecting our people’s right to freedom of association, representation and to collectively bargain, and around a third of our people are engaged under collective bargaining agreements.

Our Human Resources team works with our leaders to ensure that all aspects of our employee relations are effectively and respectfully handled, and to ensure that our engagement with our people and their representatives is consistent with Our Values and Code of Business Conduct and abides by the terms of the relevant legislation.

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