Our approach

Successful environmental management is essential – not only for our business, but for all our stakeholders. We are committed to protecting natural resources including water, air and biodiversity aspects as well as the surrounding ecosystems.

Our approach to environmental management is embedded within our Code of Business Conduct and Sustainability Policy. It is guided by ICMM Mining Principle 6 – Environmental Performance and other recognised industry guidelines and statutory frameworks.

We work hard to be responsible stewards of the environment and treat natural resources with care so that they are available for future generations. Learn more in our Sustainable Development Report.

our approach
Our environment-related data and management systems are subject to both internal and external assurance processes. These processes assist us to evaluate the efficacy of our management approach and we use findings to continuously improve.
Biodiversity and land management


We recognise the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems, and our responsibility to minimise the impacts of land clearing and to rehabilitate the land that is disturbed by our activities.

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Water is a valuable resource that we all share. In many of the areas where we operate water is scarce, and we must carefully manage our water-related impacts and work with our communities to respond to challenges of a drying climate.

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Waste and Tailings

Waste and tailings

The safe management of waste from our operations and projects is essential to operating responsibly. We are determined to reduce waste generated from our operations, and to reuse or recycle a higher percentage of the waste that is unavoidable.

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Non-Greenhouse Gas air emissions

The nature of our mining and processing activities can result in gaseous air emissions, noise, effluents and contamination. We take active steps to manage these.

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Energy, emissions and air quality