As our main activities are resource extraction and primary processing, our involvement is at the beginning of the product life cycle.

Through our management systems and internal audit processes, we assess, prevent or mitigate potential environmental, health and safety risks to our people and communities. This ensures that the resources we produce are properly managed when in our control and we work with other stakeholders in the supply chain to promote responsible use of our products after they have left our control.

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels are used to communicate current, complete and accurate information to all stakeholders in our supply chain. The SDSs outline the products’ health, safety and environmental aspects to allow their safe and responsible use. For products where chemical safety assessments are required by law, we also supply exposure scenario information to our customers, which covers risk management measures for the identified uses of our products.

We are engaged across commodity associations relevant to the products we produce.

We contribute to the collection of life cycle data as part of the Nickel Institute’s life cycle management program. This data comprises all process inputs and outputs required to assess the environmental performance of our nickel production plants and products. The lifecycle data will measure the improvements made in energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gases and emission reduction into both air and water. The data will be shared with our customers who, in turn, can incorporate into their own life cycle assessments to help calculate the environmental performance of their nickel-containing products.

Through our membership of the International Aluminium Institute, we aim to promote the use of aluminium in sustainable applications. Additionally, we are a member of the Manganese International Institute. For products we sell into the European Union under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation, we conduct annual REACH regulation training and compliance reviews.

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