Our approach

We’re a business with a purpose and believe trust and transparency are essential to the way we operate. That means being in touch with the broader community – considering different perspectives and working together to create shared value.

We go through rigorous processes to understand the unique social, cultural and legal contexts we’re operating in. We have regular, open and honest conversations to better understand what our stakeholders need and expect. Working together like this assists us to achieve our shared goals.

It’s this strong foundation that informs the way we engage with communities and how we work with them. It’s what drives us to make a difference to people’s lives and unearth a better future for generations to come.

Our community-related data and management approach is subject to both internal and external assurance processes.

These processes assist us to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our management approach and we use the findings to further improve existing systems.

Investing in this vision

From providing jobs and business opportunities, to empowering suppliers and supporting community programs, we know we can make a huge contribution to the way people live and work.

That’s why we consider community needs. Whether it means hiring and buying locally, or managing the impacts of our operations, we listen to people and act on the issues they raise.

To us, building these relationships is common sense. The stronger our communities are, the better we can work together, thrive together and create a positive legacy together.

South32 Community Engagement Approach

Living by this vision

We follow through on what we say, our Sustainability Policy, Code of Business Conduct and adherence to the United Nations Global Compact principles helps us do this. This guides the way we do things internally and helps us assess our work with local communities and development programs.

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