We create value in the communities where we operate and make a positive contribution to society more broadly by providing the commodities the world needs, paying taxes and royalties, providing jobs, developing local suppliers, investing in community programs and providing returns to shareholders.

Big numbers for big changes

We invest in our local communities, designed in collaboration with them and other stakeholders to reflect their priorities. Our community investment is aligned to four key focus areas:

  • Education and leadership – supporting lifelong learning and development, nurturing future leaders and promoting equal access to education, with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics;
  • Good health and social wellbeing – supporting community health and social wellbeing and promoting inclusion;
  • Economic participation – supporting local employment, sustainable livelihoods and diversified local economies; and
  • Natural resource resilience – supporting communities to thrive within their environments and use natural resources in responsible and sustainable ways.

Find out more in our 2022 Sustainable Development Report.

Supporting the health of our local communities 

Our internal health standard incorporates elements to improve our ability to identify and manage community health risk. Our operations are required to implement monitoring programs when a potential health risk to the community is identified. These programs consider baseline and impact assessment and the impacts of operational exposures and emissions. We engage with community health providers and provide community health support and education through our community programs, including for health issues such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and the management of COVID-19.

Matched giving

We support the causes that matter most to our people. One way we do this is through our Australia Employee Matched Giving program, where we match employee contributions to registered charities in Australia.

Social and Labour Plans

In South Africa, our mining operations have Social and Labour Plans. These plans aim to promote the welfare of local communities surrounding our mines, through economic and socio-economic growth. These include:

  • Human Resources Development Programs
  • Mine Community Development Plans
  • Housing and Living Conditions Plans and
  • Employment Equity Plans

We create our Mine Community Development Plans with the help of a wide range of stakeholders, including the communities surrounding our operations. These plans contribute to their own Integrated Development Plans and we report our progress to the Department of Mineral Resources every year.


To transform2 our business in South Africa, we must focus on local interests. That’s why in South Africa, we’re guided by the legislated Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) measurement framework.

By seeking out local talent, suppliers and new business opportunities, we’re driving competitiveness and transformation, and expanding economic growth.

We also have yearly targets to improve our demographic representation across all levels of management in South Africa.

2Transformation in South Africa refers to change that allows Black people as defined to participate meaningfully into the main streams of the economy, by ways of owning, managing and controlling productive assets.

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