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Get in touch with the South32 Supply Team using the form below.

To contact a local Supply Team, select "Contact a local operation" and then specify the location you wish to contact.

For queries not relating to the topics listed, please use our general contact form.

For information on submitting a business conduct concern under our Speak Up policy through EthicsPoint, please click here.

Supplier queries

Complete this form to get in touch with South32's supply team.

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Please note that this form cannot be used to register as a supplier with South32 or to receive a vendor number. To receive a vendor number with South32, your business must be successful in the Request for Quotation or Tender process. For more information please see Doing Business with South32.

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If relevant location isn't listed please specify in your query

Note: our ESD programs are limited to areas around our Hillside Aluminium and Hotazel Manganese Mines operations
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