Our Brazil Alumina operations are made up of a share in the country’s largest bauxite mine, a refinery and a smelter.

For nearly 40 years bauxite mining has been underway at the Mineracao Rio do Norte (MRN) mine, in Porto Trombetas, in northern Brazil. 

Bauxite is the raw material for aluminum and our share of the ore produced at the MRN mine is supplied to our Alumar refinery and smelter in Sao Luis, northeastern Brazil, which has been operating since the mid-eighties.

Above and below ground

As one of the world’s largest producers of aluminium, we are involved in each stage of production, including bauxite mining, refining bauxite into alumina and smelting alumina into aluminium metal.  

We have a 14.8 percent interest in the MRN mine, a 36 percent share of the Alumar alumina refinery and a 40 percent stake in the aluminium smelter.

MRN’s open-cut strip mine produces 18 million tonnes (Mtpa) of bauxite a year, supplying the Alumar refinery (capacity of 3.5 Mtpa) and smelter (440 kilo tonnes a year).

Playing our part

The Brazilian communities we work with have rich histories, which we are helping preserve through investments in the arts, films, music and publishing.

Our people are involved in many social and environmental projects, including the breast milk bank at the local maternity hospital, tree planting, local education and training.

Protecting Klipspruit Wetlands

The conservation of wetlands is an important part of our South African mining projects.

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Reducing emissions

We are using innovative ways to minimise our greenhouses gases at our Illawarra operations.

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Using less energy

At Cerro Matoso, a series of projects has helped us save energy and our reduce emissions.

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