We support the preservation of cultural heritage. We recognise and respect sites, places, structures and objects that are culturally or traditionally significant.

We conduct heritage surveys in consultation with traditional and local communities to identify and protect areas and objects of significance. Governed by our community and environment standards, we ensure our governance processes and cultural heritage approvals meet legal and stakeholder requirements. Our work is supported by cultural awareness training of our employees, which is tailored to the local context at each location.

We engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across our operations to ensure we understand our commitments to manage cultural areas of significance. Our operations and projects intersect many areas of cultural significance such as anthropological sites which have spiritual importance, and significant waterways with links to Dreamtime stories shared by the Traditional Owners. Management measures such as cultural heritage management plans and chance finds procedures are in place to meet our commitments in line with agreements and legislative approvals.

Our internal processes to manage cultural heritage are integrated across the business so that site work programs take account of areas of cultural significance and the views of traditional and local communities. In June 2020, we commenced a review of our approach to cultural heritage management to determine where we may need to strengthen or enhance our systems.

It is important for cultural heritage and mining to co-exist in Australia and we are committed to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the government and industry to achieve the best outcomes.