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Building our people up

For Chantelle, it’s about making her family proud.

A loving wife and mum-of-three, Chantelle Hinsey has spent the last two decades dedicating everything she has to her husband and kids. Of course, that involves the school drop-offs, the weekend sports games - the laundry. But it also means setting a positive example for her kids so that when they grow up, they know anything is possible with a positive attitude and hard work. And she certainly did show them what hard work looked like: from working as a barista to cleaning houses, Chantelle made it work while juggling her kids’ and husband’s schedules.

Now, Chantelle’s three kids are teenagers. They can dress themselves, get to school on their own - and even do their laundry (yeah, right).

When a commercial cleaning contract popped up at the same place her husband worked - the Worsley Alumina Refinery, just fifteen minutes from their family home - Chantelle jumped at the chance. While cleaning, Chantelle got to know everyonfrom her cleaning crew to site workers and senior managers.

Before long, a supervisor approached Chantelle about an opportunity to become a Trainee Plant Operator with South32. It looked like her work ethic had made an impression. South32’s commitment to the future of its people resonated with Chantelle: it was clear that South32 valued a positive attitude over a drawn-out resume.

Although working in the resources industry had always appealed to Chantelle, she never thought it would be possible with the kids.

“Usually, you’d have to get on a plane, fly out and work. At South32, I work shifts, nights and weekends, so I can still be there for my kids when they wake up and get home from school,” said Chantelle.

“And if anything goes wrong, I’m just down the road. It’s a really good feeling,” she said.

As she nears the end of her traineeship, Chantelle has hopes to stay on at Refinery  in a permanent position. According to Chantelle, it’s not just the permanency, pay, conditions and flexibility that encourage her to stay on - it’s the people she works with, too.

Working with South32 has been more than just a fresh chapter for a mum with three young children - it has been a new adventure. With enthusiasm and positivity emanating from the ground up, her team at South32 have a strong culture of self-improvement and support.

“The networks you build, the friendships you form - there’s nothing else like it,” said Chantelle.

“I wake up in the morning knowing that I am setting the example I want to for my kids: that you can be successful in pursuing whatever you want - at any age - as long as you have a good attitude and you work hard.”