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Family and flexibility

When Sue McDonald walked into an interview for a twelve-month contract, she never would have guessed it was the start of an 18-year strong career.

What made her stick around? The company culture. And a little family history.

The story starts with Sue’s father, who relocated his family from Fremantle to Bunbury after securing a new job. His new role was at the Worsley Refinery as a Raw Materials Supervisor. This was Sue’s first introduction to South32.

Seeing her father grow in his new role, Sue knew this was a company she wanted to work for when she grew up: one that cared for its people and its community. Evidently, her Brother felt the same way: he also work’s at the Refinery as a Senior Process Operator.

Although she had a strong family connection to South32, Sue didn’t see a trade as the path forward for her. Instead, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University. She had a successful stint in the Public Practice sector but still longed for the kind of company culture and family values she had seen growing up.

When a finance job popped up at South32, Sue jumped at the chance to interview. What she lacked in experience, she made up for in heart and - after a few attempts - Sue finally scored a year-long contract in 2004.

Seventeen years later, Sue is now a steadfast Finance Business Analyst at the Worsley Refinery - the same site her father and Brother commenced their careers.  But it’s not just her working life South32 has supported; it’s also her family. Sue is a wife and a proud Mum to two children.

Through maternity leave, flexible working arrangements and internal growth opportunities, South32 have given Sue the balance she’s always craved: one where she can work hard and show up for her family.

“I always knew I wanted to work at South32. The opportunities I’ve had, the remuneration, the people, the life-work balance. Everyone knows South32 cares about their people, their community,” she said.

“Everyone knows South32.”