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Permitting Public Consulation

Small Tracts Act Application

South32 has submitted a Small Tracts Act (STA) application to the US Forest Service (USFS) for just under 14 acres of Coronado National Forest Service Land that would connect three of our privately owned land parcels at the Hermosa Project to make one contiguous figure— simplifying our logistics, land access, and road agreements. The agency’s public communications regarding the application can be viewed here.

Plan of Operations: Flux Canyon Exploration Drilling

South32 is proposing limited exploration drilling on a small area of our Hermosa project unpatented mining claims, to which we own mineral rights, in the Coronado National Forest near the historic Flux Mine. This is not an extension of our two major mineral deposits, Taylor and Clark. As required of any mining company proposing mineral exploration on US Forest Service lands, we have submitted an exploration plan of operations to the US Forest Service (USFS). If the plan is approved by the USFS, the total duration of activity would be less than 12 months, including reclamation of the drilling area. The agency’s public communications regarding the plan, including any associated public scoping, can be viewed here.

Aquifer Protection Permit

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has approved our 2020 request for a modification to our current Aquifer Protection Permit. The agency’s official communications leading up to the permit modification can be viewed here.

Learn more about our proposed work

Learn more about our proposed work

Email: [email protected]

More information and documentation relating to the Hermosa Project can be found in the document library.