As a member company of ICMM we remain committed to upholding ICMM Principle 4, to implement risk management strategies based on valid data and sound science, and ICMM Principle 5, to seek continual improvement in health and safety performance


Health risk management

The potential material health risks at our operations and projects include exposure to airborne contaminants and hazardous substances, non-ionising radiation and communicable and infectious diseases. Other potential health exposures include noise and ergonomic stressors. We have defined the minimum controls for the management of these risks in the workplace in our internal health standard and we monitor developments in the management of material workplace and environmental exposures to inform our approach and occupational exposure trigger levels. 

Health and wellness

We actively promote health and wellbeing in our workplaces. We provide occupational health services to employees and contractors including health surveillance to prevent and detect early-stage adverse health effects from exposures in the workplace. This is informed by our monitoring programs to assess and characterise exposures.

Through our occupational health services, we offer chronic disease management, education, and referral for non-occupational related conditions. This includes providing preventative health measures appropriate to the locations where we operate, including fitness facilities, influenza and COVID-19 vaccines, and malaria and HIV/AIDS programs.

We prioritise the mental health of our workforce, which has been brought into sharper focus following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Services provided include our Employee Assistance Program and our mental wellness program, which are designed to help our employees stay healthy, connected and productive by providing access to resources that support mental wellbeing.


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