We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and our Climate Change Strategy has the goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Researching alternative fuel sources is one way we can reduce our emissions and during FY18 we completed a biomass trial at our Worsley Alumina refinery in Australia.

The pre-feasibility trial tested the use of waste from pine logging, referred to as biomass, as a renewable energy fuel in our MFC facility.

The trial was to test our ability to use 30 per cent biomass fuel load in the MFC. During the trial, the suitability of the current infrastructure, storage locations, material movement and handling, and boiler feed systems were analysed to understand whether biomass can become part of the long-term energy mix for Worsley Alumina. The trial was successful, resulting in an abatement of approximately 5.75kt of CO₂ -e.

Accreditation under the Renewable Energy Target Scheme of the MFC facility was obtained in November 2017 which will allow Worsley Alumina to create and sell Large-scale Generation Certificates.