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Worsley Alumina hot seaters

18 NOVEMBER 2020

A truck project providing flexible jobs and efficiency improvements

Our Worsley Alumina operation has launched a new truck productivity project that’s providing flexible job opportunities and helping to improve efficiency at the same time. 

The new ‘hot seat’ roster gives Boddington locals with the right skills and experience the chance to operate trucks while our main drivers take their breaks, which means the trucks are never sitting idle. 

The ‘hot seaters’ come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including parents with young children, stay at home dads and employees who are job sharing. Hot seat operator and local, Kristy Fitchett, is enjoying the opportunity to work during school hours using her mining experience, while still maintaining a happy work-life balance. 


Worsley hot seaters

Hot seat operators Janet Gowland and Kristy Fitchett switch with the main operator