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Well-designed work at Worsley Alumina

12 NOVEMBER 2018

Well-designed work at Worsley Alumina

An arc flash is the flow of electrical current that travels in the air between conductors.

At our Worsley Alumina refinery, there is potential for arc flash when our people are operating switchgear in the Electronic Distribution Centre, an activity required several times a day.

To improve the safety of our people, a dedicated team was established to investigate ways to redesign this routine task.

As a result, engineering and systems controls have been upgraded to introduce remote switching of electrical breakers.

This has removed the need for manual operation, significantly reducing the risk of human exposure to arc flash.

This initiative illustrates our safety commitment in action through:

■ Inclusive workplace: the ability for anyone to speak up and the power to work together to implement improvements

■ Well-designed work: reviewing our workplace, engineering controls and eliminating potentially fatal risks

■ Continuous improvement: applying what we know to improve he way we work and sharing the results.