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We’re finding ways to minimise diesel exhaust emissions

24 JULY 2017

We’re finding ways to minimise diesel exhaust emissions

In our underground mining operations, we use a lot of equipment that’s fuelled by diesel, and the emissions can be a health hazard. So we have diesel exhaust emission monitoring and maintenance programmes in place to minimise diesel exhaust emissions, and to ensure that if any vehicle or plant develops problems that affect the exhaust emissions, we can identify it and fix it as soon as possible.


The effectiveness of these programmes has been enhanced by a project our maintenance team at Illawarra Metallurgical Coal took on with the University of Wollongong, to develop reliable exhaust emissions testing technology. It means we can can identify potential impacts on health early, and fix the issue quickly. The research team is investigating the benefits that this technology could have on diesel emission reductions and fuel efficiencies.


We’ll keep you posted.