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Supporting mental health at work

12 NOVEMBER 2018

We're supporting the well-being of our people.

In FY18, our GEMCO and Cannington operations supported the well-being of their people through a campaign to provide education and raise awareness of mental health and associated mental health conditions.

The campaign aimed to contribute to a positive cultural shift by reducing the stigma commonly associated with mental illness.

Over 1,000 employees and contractors attended a series of mental health awareness and education sessions at our GEMCO and Cannington operations.

Tools and skills were also provided to our leaders to assist them in managing and working collaboratively with those that may be affected by a mental health condition.

Following the sessions, a Mental Health Peer Support Network was established at GEMCO, with 23 self-nominated employees from a range of roles and work areas selected as Peer Support Officers (PSOs). Cannington is in the process of setting up a similar network.

All PSOs will undertake accredited Mental Health First Aid training and will act as another avenue of support for personnel with emerging or current mental health concerns or conditions.

Contact details for all PSOs have been displayed across site and PSOs have regular meetings scheduled with an on-site employee assistance program psychologist to ensure they are given any additional training or tools to assist them in providing this support.