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Supporting careers for women in industry

30 MAY 2024

Inclusion and diversity are a core element of creating a safe, high-performance and values-based culture at South32. To help improve the representation of women in the workforce, our Mozal Aluminium operation in Mozambique supports several education and training initiatives.

Since 2018, Mozal Aluminium has invested in its Women in Industry program which aims to encourage young women into the industrial sector. The program has awarded 380 bursaries in vocational and tertiary education to female students, which cover tuition fees, travel expenses, school supplies and other academic expenses for the duration of the students’ courses, which usually last four years.  

In FY24, Mozal Aluminium awarded 78 vocational bursaries and 20 tertiary education bursaries, helping the female students to pursue courses in industrial and electrical mechanics and engineering. Applicants for the program must pass admission exams for their course, be residents of Matola or Boane Districts, and come from low-income families.  

The participants of the Women in Industry program are all offered an eight-month internship at Mozal Aluminium, alongside their studies. In FY24, 11 university students from the 2019 intake of the program completed internships at Mozal Aluminium. The interns, who are studying at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, gained valuable practical experience in areas including Business Improvement, External Affairs, Maintenance, Treatment & Logistics and Technology.