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Responding to a fire emergency

25 FEBRUARY 2019

Worsley Alumina team tackles bushfire threat

Hundreds of homes in Western Australia were saved from disaster last month after our Worsley Alumina operation’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) sprang into action to help tackle an out of control bushfire.

On one of the hottest days of the summer, the small town of Allanson – which is about seven kilometres from the Worsley Refinery and home to around 560 people ­–  found itself under threat.

After being alerted to the situation, Worsley’s ERT quickly stepped in to lend its assistance.

Worsley’s ‘Big Red’ fire truck, which holds 9,000 litres of water and is the largest off-road attack appliance for tackling bushfires in Western Australia, also played a crucial role in the rescue efforts.

Julian Martin, Worsley Alumina’s Emergency Services Supervisor and Chief Bushfire Control Officer for the Shire of Collie, said the team’s support in extreme conditions had been crucial.

He said: “I called in all of the local Collie Brigades, Parks and Wildlife services and made a call to the duty Emergency Service Officers at Worsley.

“We have an agreement with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and as part of that, our experienced emergency services team at Worsley support them with a range of emergency situations.

“I can’t thank the team enough for their great work over three shift changes. Worsley’s assistance and the arrival of ‘Big Red’ were invaluable.”



Worsley’s ‘Big Red’ fire truck played an important role in the rescue efforts.