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Regenerating threatened species

19 JULY 2018

We’re leading the way in the management of the by-product from coal operations

Vulnerable plant species are being regenerated thanks to the environmental rehabilitation efforts of our Illawarra Metallurgical Coal operation.

Since 2001, our team has implemented a program that has allowed an approved emplacement area near our Appin operation in New South Wales to act as a rich breeding ground for plants.

More than 50 plant variations have now been recorded including some difficult-to-grow species and two which are considered threatened - the Pultenaea aristata and Persoonia hirsuta.

With many species now seeding and evidence of young germinates found, it’s believed that the land will become self-sustaining over time and will continue to grow if the area is affected by wildfire.

The initiative, which sees coal wash generated by our Illawarra Metallurgical Coal operation used emplaced in an approved area, is part of our focus to ensure that we manage our operations with care and ensure the surrounding environment is available for future generations.

Specific land reshaping has been undertaken to mimic the features of the surrounding bushland with native seeds also spread over the completed emplacement areas to increase the likelihood of successful rehabilitation.

The area has also been designed by aligning roads, drainage works and catchment ponds to avoid impacting on threatened species, sensitive habitats and Aboriginal cultural heritage sites.

More than 50 plant variations have now been recorded