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Recent updates from our Hermosa Project

14 DECEMBER 2023

South32’s Hermosa project in Arizona continues to make progress, and recently provided updates on the latest developments in construction, efforts to support local workforce development and benchmarking community health metrics to support future sustainability and safety initiatives.

The feasibility study and an independent peer review for Hermosa’s Taylor deposit is on-track for completion by the end of the month, with a final investment decision in the March 2024 quarter.

Continuing project construction 

In May, the Hermosa team began initial excavation for the main exploration shaft and the ventilation shaft to provide underground access to the zinc resource. 

Pre-sink activities for both shafts remain on track, with 50 feet excavated for the main exploration shaft and 115 feet excavated for a ventilation shaft. This construction will allow the creation of infrastructure needed for safe passage of people and vehicles underground, while total depth of the shafts will be approximately 2,900 feet.

Taylor will use tele-remote semi-autonomous mucking for production stopes, including for development prior to production mining. This will enable operation from the remote operating center and would ‘engineer out’ vehicle and pedestrian interactions in the production mining area.

The project is also looking to make use of other advanced mining methods such as dry stack tailings, advanced process control, and the use of ore sensing and ore sorting.

“This advanced, underground mining method enables reduced surface impact and the amount of tailings resulting in a more sustainable mine,” said Hermosa Vice President Project Delivery, Andy Thompson.

Supporting workforce development

The South32 Hermosa Workforce Development Taskforce has been formed to identify the skills needed and local facilities available to help train, develop and expand the region’s workforce. The taskforce enables the Hermosa team to work with local education experts to develop a clear pathway for training local residents to fill skilled jobs at Hermosa. 

Skylie Estep, Human Resources Director North America, said “The first step in helping transform the local economy is partnering with community members whose expertise and understanding of our region’s educational needs can help create opportunities, so that the next generation can stay in Santa Cruz County.”

Community health assessment

Hermosa has engaged Ramboll to guide a baseline community health assessment and outreach to local public health institutions.

Protecting the health of our workforce and the local community is our priority, and partnering with third-party public health organisations to regularly monitor and report findings ensures transparency and accountability on this critical metric.

Ramboll are a global consulting firm with decades of experience conducting community health assessments in southern Arizona and across the United States.

A baseline assessment will help Hermosa team to understand what levels of manganese and other minerals already exist in the community and environment. By conducting this assessment before operations begin, we can make sure health and safety controls are in place, better understand any changes over time, and ensure controls remain effective throughout the life of the project.