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Protecting the environment

12 JULY 2017

Protecting the environment

We’re working with local graziers to beat weed infestations in Western Queensland

Our Cannington facility in outback Queensland, Australia is an important place, because it sits just 30 kilometres south of the Western Queensland watershed. Waters north of the line flow to the Gulf of Carpentaria, and south via the huge Georgina-Diamantina catchment into Lake Eyre, 1,500 kilometres away.

Weed infestations can have a devastating effect on the environment, including native plants and animals, and crops. But working in partnership with Queensland graziers, we’re making progress in combating the weed problem.

Since 2012, together we’ve purchased weed control materials and labour, and removed weed infestation from more than 80,000 hectares of Western Queensland waterways, native habitats and prime agricultural lands. It’s a great start, but there’s more to be done; and we’ll stay on the job.