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Our diversity champions recognised

16 MARCH 2018

Our people recognised for leading the charge on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

As we work towards being a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, it’s with pride that we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our people leading the charge in these areas.

Two of our diversity champions, Kristy Christensen and Megan Gregory, both from our Illawarra Metallurgical Coal operation in Australia, were selected as finalists for the 2018 New South Wales Women in Mining Awards. 

Kristy, a Geotechnical Engineer, won her category and was named the 2018 Exceptional Young Woman in Mining. Kristy is passionate about breaking down barriers that can prevent women from working on certain tasks. She is also the driving force behind the installation of parenting rooms to support breastfeeding mothers returning to work, and the creation of welcome packs for new female employees, made up of items that make working underground more comfortable. Kristy will now go on to represent South32 and New South Wales at the 2018 Women in Resources National Awards.

In her award acceptance speech, Kristy said it was important that we all have the courage to speak up and take action when we see something isn’t up to standard, or doesn’t reflect our values.

“Be the change you want to see,” Kristy said. 

Megan, an Electrical Operator, was nominated for the Outstanding Tradeswoman / Operator / Technician category. Megan works hard to break down traditional stereotypes that may challenge women on site. She shares her ideas on ways to improve process and leads by example to create a culture where our people, male and female, are recognised for the good work they do.

The Awards were held in Sydney on Thursday 15 March.


Kristy Christensen Women in Mining NSW Awards 2018

Kristy Christensen with her award.