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New chemistry equipment for Puerto Libertador hospital

22 JUNE 2018

We donated new blood chemistry to local Puerto Libertador hospital.

Our Cerro Matoso operation’s Panzenú Foundation has donated improved blood chemistry equipment to the local hospital in Puerto Libertador, Colombia.

The equipment, which tests about 80 blood samples per hour, will significantly speed up patient assessment time.

Cerro Matoso’s Manager Corporate Affairs, Luis Marulanda, said that Cerro Matoso was proud to donate the equipment, which would improve health care for the community.

“The blood chemistry equipment will allow for test results to be assessed much quicker than in the past, resulting in far less of a wait time for patients,” Luis said.

“We are very proud to continue our work with the business and health sectors to improve conditions for the people of Puerto Libertador.”

Hospital manager, Eder John Soto Cuadrado, praised the ongoing support from Cerro Matoso.

"I reiterate my gratitude to Cerro Matoso and the Panzenú Foundation,” he said.

“We are going to use this equipment as best we can and it is important to mention that this is not the first contribution to health in Puerto Libertador. Since 2012, the company has made donations in infrastructure and equipment to this entity.”

“We are very happy with the presence of Cerro Matoso in our area."

The equipment, valued at 25 million pesos, will replace the existing equipment that does not offer the same efficiency.