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Mozal provides drought relief

07 MARCH 2018

Mozal partners with the Government to provide boreholes for locals.

For years our Mozal operation in Mozambique has helped local Nkala community members to transport clean water to their village.

Now, thanks to a major borehole installation project in partnership with the government, Nkala and four other local villages will have safe and easy access to clean water.

Mozal’s Stakeholder and Community Development Manager, Mateus Mosse, said the borehole project also aimed to alleviate severe drought conditions in the region.

“We’re very proud to have funded the installation of the boreholes, which will provide relief to difficult drought conditions,” Mateus said.

“Through this initiative, and the many others that we support, we hope to improve the lives of people in our communities for years to come.”

“We believe that our ongoing support, and our longstanding partnership with the Government, will continue to make a positive difference in the region.”

The complete project consists of five multi-purpose boreholes and two single hole bores. The pumps are powered by solar energy, with each multi-purpose borehole connected to two 20,000 litre reservoirs. Water from the reservoirs is distributed to three fountains located around each borehole.  

The project also supports the Government’s Agenda 2030 objective to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all Mozambicans.


Mozal borehole project

The project consists of five multi-purpose boreholes and and two single hole bores