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Mozal invests in road safety education


Mozal invests in road safety education

Our Mozal operation in Mozambique is helping to reduce the number of road traffic accidents by encouraging local children to adopt the same approach to safety as our people.

Aligning with Breakthrough 1 that we all guarantee everyone goes home safe and well at the end of every shift, our Mozal operation has implemented a basic risk assessment principle that our people must comply with before undertaking any task.

This approach involves our people asking themselves:

  • Is what I am about to do safe?
  • Are the tools I am about to use safe?
  • Are the people with me or around me safe?
  • Can I do anything to prevent accident?

These four questions have since been adapted and implemented as part of the ‘Segurança Primeiro’ (Safety First) road safety education program we are supporting.

As a result, children from Matola district primary schools have been taught to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Am I to cross the road safely?
  • Is the place I'm going to cross safe?
  • Are my colleagues crossing correctly?
  • Is there anything I can do to prevent an accident?

Since being introduced in 12 schools across the Matola district last year, the project has helped around 50,000 students and 300 teachers.

The initiative, carried out in partnership with Associação Mocambicana Para as Vítimas da Insegurança Rodoviária (AMVIRO), has also resulted in more road and pedestrian crossing signs being established close to schools and safety messages broadcast on television.