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Mozal helps to build two new schools

15 OCTOBER 2018

Mozal is financing the construction of two new schools

Our Mozal operation in Mozambique is helping to establish two schools in order to tackle the lack of education facilities in the local area.


Construction of a new secondary school and a technical school is now under way with students from the Chinonanquila, Campoane and Belo-Horizonte communities in the Boane district set to benefit from the new facilities.


Currently, students from these areas are required to travel around 10 kilometres to get to school.


The new facility will see the Secondary School of Chinonaquila and the Commercial Institute of Boane housed in the same complex and will include boarding facilities for up to 200 people to enable students from more remote areas to pursue an education as well.


Once complete, the schools will host a total of 24 classrooms each and share the use of other accompanying infrastructure such as multi-use sports fields, a swimming pool, administrative offices, laboratories, canteens, an auditorium and parking.


In August, the first stone was laid marking for the construction of both schools.


The event was attended by Boane District Administrator, Mrs. Teresa Mauaie, community members, local leaders, Mozal representatives and provincial government representatives.


Speaking at the event, Mr Vander Armando, Community Leader of Chinonanquila D, thanked Mozal and said the project will change forever the history of the community.


He added: “This project will change our lives and that of our children.”


The construction of these two facilities brings to total number of schools built by our Mozal operation to 14 with a further 15 schools having benefitted from upgrades.


Mozal new schools Web card

A ceremony marking the start of the construction process took place in August 2018.