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Mental wellbeing support for our workforce

08 MAY 2020

Mental wellbeing support for our workforce

As always, we’re committed to protecting our people, and this means not only their physical safety but mental wellbeing too.  

Across our business, we’ve implemented a range of additional mental wellbeing initiatives and support tools to help our people and their families when they need it most.

Here’s some of the steps we’ve taken to support our people during these challenging times:

A dedicated intranet site and support tools 

Our people have access to a dedicated mental wellbeing intranet site which covers topics such as how to build and maintain resilience, how to speak with a colleague you might be worried about, and how to stay connected with your colleagues.

This page also provides a list of useful contact numbers and some tips to help our people recognise when they may need more help.

We have also provided our leaders with additional mental wellbeing training and have been holding company-wide and operation-specific Q&A calls for our people with health and wellbeing themes.

Online exercise routines 

Our operations in Australia and Colombia have introduced online workouts to encourage their workforce to stay healthy and active.

Clare, a Literacy, Numeracy and Technology Trainer with The Rehabilitation, Mine Services and Legacy Department at our GEMCO operation has been working from home whilst schooling her two young children and says: “The workouts have played an important part in keeping my family’s minds and bodies healthy during this time challenging time.”

Park bench push up

Fifo in room tricep dip

Images: Some of the exercises being shared with our workforce.

Cannington’s virtual mindfulness sessions 

Our Cannington operation in Queensland has partnered with Breathe Australia to introduce mindfulness sessions to our teams, to help them manage any anxiety or stress they may be facing. 

The 15 minute, twice weekly online sessions provide practical breathing exercises which can be applied at work or at home. 

Lucy, Port and Operation Services Manager at Cannington, says the sessions are an important tool to boost her mental wellbeing.

“I have found the sessions help me reset and put challenges into perspective, and appreciate the moment by allowing myself to put aside thoughts of the past and plans for the future,” she said. 

Worsley Alumina Blue Tree Project 

To promote a range of support resources that are available to our teams at Worsley Alumina in the South West of Western Australia, we’ve partnered with the Blue Tree Project which aims to raise awareness around mental wellbeing.

Posters have been placed next to trees which have been given a ‘blue lease’ of life to encourage meaningful conversations around mental wellbeing in the workplace and at home.