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Meet Sam from our Cannington operation

11 AUGUST 2020

Sam spent nine months as primary carer to his adorable twin girls

Meet Sam who works in the Port and Logistics team at our Cannington operation.

When Sam and his wife, Leanne, found out they were expecting for the second time, they decided Sam would take paternity leave to look after their twin girls, Maggie and Eden, so Leanne, could focus on growing her business.

Earlier this year Sam returned to work after taking nine months off, which included six months paternity leave at full pay and three months long service leave.

“The bond that’s been created from spending time with my kids at such an important stage in their lives is invaluable,” Sam said. 

“Once that time has gone you can’t get it back, I’m incredibly grateful for the rewarding experience and the opportunity to take time off.”

“At first I was worried about what my colleagues would think and the impacts to my career for being away for so long, however I quickly realised there was no need to be concerned, as my team and supervisors were very supportive of my paternity leave and encouraged it.”

The transition back to work was easier than Sam expected, which he says was helped by staying connected with his team throughout his leave, including flying to site for the day for a workshop.

“South32 has a very generous approach to family care which has provided me and my family with a healthy work-life balance, I encourage other dad’s thinking of doing it to go for it,” Sam said.