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Meet Clare from our GEMCO operation

10 JUNE 2020

Meet Clare from our GEMCO operation

Meet Clare, a Literacy, Numeracy and Technology Trainer with the Rehabilitation, Mine Services and Legacy Team (RMSL) at our GEMCO operation in the Northern Territory.

Clare has been taking part in GEMCO’s Wellness challenge which we implemented during COVID-19 to support mental health.

Clare has been working from home and home schooling her two young children and said the Wellness Challenge helped keep her family healthy and active.

 “Although COVID-19 has brought about restrictions in so many other areas of our lives it has also opened up so many things for our family, such as a love of exercising together,” she said.

“I’ve really enjoyed the quality time we’ve spent together as a family doing the Wellness Challenge,” she said.

“It’s inspired us to find new ways and places to exercise and we’ve noticed a positive difference to our physical and mental wellbeing."

This is just one of the initiatives we’ve implemented to support our people and their family’s mental wellbeing during COVID-19.

The RMSL Team provides pathways for local Indigenous residents on Groote Eylandt to acquire skills that support our mine operations and that will be needed for many years to come.

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