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Market-leading parental leave benefits

20 MARCH 2018

We’re proud to have launched our new approach to family care.

We’re proud to have launched our new approach to family care, which includes market-leading paid parental leave provisions, initially for our permanent employees in Australia.

Primary caregivers, regardless of gender, can now take up to six months leave at full pay or 12 months leave at half pay, which is an increase from 18 weeks at full pay. Leave for secondary caregivers has also increased from one week to four weeks leave at full pay.

Our Chief People and Legal Officer, Nicole Duncan, said the improvements were introduced to support an inclusive workplace and to promote a healthy work-life balance for families.

“We’ve introduced the improved benefits so our employees and their families feel supported when they decide to have children,” Nicole said.

“Our people are the foundation to our success and are key to ensuring our ongoing sustainability and productivity. To attract and retain the best people, we need to offer a workplace that provides for equally fulfilling careers and personal lives.”

On top of the longer paid leave periods, flexible transition plans mean that primary caregivers can return to work at 80 per cent capacity for four weeks at full pay. A lump-sum superannuation payment will also be paid to the primary caregiver on their return.