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Life’s getting better in Alto San Jorge

13 JULY 2017

Life’s getting better in Alto San Jorge

In the Cordoba region of northern Colombia, where our Cerro Matoso mine is located, the poverty rate is a disastrous 62 per cent. We are committed to contributing to the improvement of living conditions in the local community and we are working with the government and the communities to achieve this.

As part of our efforts to ease poverty rates and assist the most vulnerable communities around our operations, we are part of the Social Alliance of Alto San Jorge, which includes government entities and other public and private organisations keen to see the area prosper.

The ongoing work of the Alliance covers many aspects of life in the region, from increasing access to clean water, to reducing exposure to dust. The Alliance also works to give young people access to technical and higher education, and to provide improved access facilities such as libraries and computers. Enhancing regional integration and connectivity - making it easier for different parts of the region to connect with each other for trade and communication, is also a goal.

The Alliance focuses on sustainable projects, and we are happy to say it is making progress.