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Keeping students in school

03 MAY 2018

We’re supporting a program aimed at keeping female students in school

Together with the Imbumba Foundation Trust, we launched Imumba's Caring4Girls program in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, where our Hillside operation is located. 

The program aims to keep female students in school by providing 3000 girls from five local schools with a 12-month supply of sanitary products.

In the disadvantaged communities of the region, female students will often miss weeks of school each year because they don't have access to sanitary products.

Ezakheleni High School was the first beneficiary of our R1 million donation, which we made 22 years to the day that the late Nelson Mandela opened our Hillside operation.

The program is also focused on creating awareness of women’s health, with the Imbumba Foundation Trust aiming to educate two million young women by 2020.

South32 Girls handover Hillside Sanitary
Students receive their care packs at the launch event