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Inclusive safety in the workplace

12 NOVEMBER 2018

We've undertaken safety improvement measures

During FY17, the security threat at our operations in Southern Africa was identified as increasing.

A working environment where anyone feels unsafe or threatened is unacceptable and in response, in FY18, safety improvement measures were undertaken.

A Women in the Workplace survey was conducted along with a gap analysis against our asset protection standards to better understand factors that contribute to women feeling unsafe, both while atwork and during the commute to and from work.

A high incidence of vehicle hijacking in the area around our Johannesburg office was identified as posing a safety risk to our employees.

A workshop on anti-hijack procedures was conducted for all Johannesburg-based employees which covered situational awareness and evasion tactics.

Some of our mine operations cover large geographic areas, which can be isolated. After identifying the potential risks for women working in isolated locations at night, programs of work were examined for night shift workers.

Improvements to work design were implemented, whereby any work that requires our people, both men and women, to be in an isolated place at night is either performed under escort by trained security personnel or is held over until it can be safely completed during the day shift.

Additional measures taken include upgraded changing room security with bio-metric access control systems, appropriate CCTV coverage and effective segregation of change house areas.

These measures have contributed to a 65 per cent decrease in identified crime incidents and made our operations in Southern Africa safer places to work.