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Improving road safety in the Illawarra

05 JULY 2019

Improving road safety in the Illawarra

Illawarra Metallurgical Coal has contracted Linfox Logistics in a new 6-year partnership that will improve road safety in the Illawarra, particularly on Mount Ousley Road. 

In an Australian first, Linfox has custom-built the innovative ‘Lin-Double’ truck to address the unique challenges of coal haulage in the region. The partnership will see 25 new ‘Lin-Double’ trucks join our fleet.

When in full utilisation the ‘Lin-Double’ will reduce truck movements on public roads by almost 40,000 trips per year, significantly improving local traffic flow and reducing the burden on public roads.

The trucks feature industry-leading technology including crawler transmission and a speed limiter with GPS monitoring to safely navigate the steep descent down Mount Ousley while greatly reducing the risk of brake fade to increase driver and public safety.

General Manager Mining Services, Andy Hyslop said the investment was a demonstration of South32’s commitment to safety and innovation and would deliver benefits for both the community and the company.

“We are proud to be bringing safer trucks to the Illawarra while reducing the number of trucks on the road by around 20 per cent every year.”

South32 values the communities that support its operations, and with state-of-the-art trucks and improved driver training and management systems, this partnership will contribute to the region’s sustainability and livability for years to come.